Raptorzilla is an extremely abnormally large velociraptor. He was born after people started building cities on land. He was confused, and ran through town, eating almost everyone he saw. A few people who had weapons scared him off, and he ran into a thick jungle. 200 years after that, a newly grown man headed into that same jungle to hunt. He heard something peculiar, and carefully approached the source. What he saw was an extremely large velociraptor eating something in a lake. When the overgrown dinosaur was finished, he turned around and saw the approaching man. He looked strait in the man's got very close. The man slowly began lifting his gun up, when the velociraptor shrieked and started attacking the man, who noticed that what he was facing was Raptorzilla, who terrorized his town long ago. When he was about to be eaten, he yelled "Stop!" and Raptorzilla put him down. The man later bonds with the large creature and live in the jungle together. One day, they were in a field and Raptorzilla heard gunshots. In the distance, people of the once terrorized city were training to kill the giant velociraptor. Raptorzilla frowned, then shrieked loudly and ran toward civilization. The man tries to catch up with the dinosaur, but was outsped. He took a shortcut to the city to stop the people from trying to kill Raptorzilla. He got there in time, and yelled, "Don't shoot him!" at the people. They looked at him, and one asked why. The man replied that the giant velociraptor isn't evil, but scared, and won't attack unless he is attacked. Right after that, Raptorzilla runs in and still thinks the people want to get rid of him. "It's too late," the leader of the attacking team said to the man. "We have to shoot." The man tried to stop them, but they were already shooting Raptorzilla, who wasn't hurt, but got angrier. He killed many people until the man yelled, "Stop!", and the creature looked into his eyes. The man calmed him down, but was forced to release his odd and horrifying friend back into the jungle.

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