Super Gator.

On another planet, a mechanic (but living) crocodile was born. He stood on his back legs and screeched. This giant, thinking mech destroyed his home planet then headed for Earth. He was stopped by Godzilla, but retreated before he could be killed. After the battle, an unknown person dubbed him Super Gator.


Super Gator can stand on his back legs, his tail is a drill, and he can shoot a pulse of plasma energy out of his mouth in a comet-like shape. He makes low robotic grunts occasionally, and can breathe in air, water, and outer space.


He is a giant mechanic, thinking/living crocodile that is 90 meters tall when on his back legs. He has five fingers, three toes, blue eyes, a blue triangle logo on each of his shoulders, a drill for a tail, and his neck and lower torso are both made of bendable rubber that won't melt in fire (his whole body can't melt in fire) and is just as durable as the metal parts on his body.