Spacegodzilla is the spacial counterpart of Godzilla made by the Toho company. He is 120 meters tall and is one of Godzilla's hardest foes.


  • From his mouth, he is able to shoot a corona beam
  • Super Regenerative power
  • The crystals on his shoulder can create a gravity tornado capable of lifting himself and other objects
  • If he encloses himself in crystals, he can fly
  • When he is near the gigsntic crystals he creates, his power is increased
  • Through his touch, he can generate energy
  • Has the ability to implant cosmic power into buildings, etc. that can transmit a signal and use them as an energy source
  • Can encase himself in a shield that repels weaponry
  • Shoulder crystals can release bolts of energy
  • He can make an aura that causes electrical disturbances
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