Rage Mothra.

One day, an egg was laid by Mothra. The giant egg was shot with military tanks, jets, etc. Mothra ran the military off, but the egg burst into flames and hatched early. The fire permanently dyed the larva's skin black, her eyes permanently red, and made her notice how horrible humanity is. She wrapped up her mother in fiery silk and headed out, beginning to destroy civilization. Mothra12, in her larval form as well, approached Rage Mothra, the evil daughter of mothra. the two fought and both changed into their Imago forms. Rage Mothra's Imago form is black with red eyes, just like her larval form. Mothra12 didn't kill her, because she retreated before that could happen.


In larval form, Rage Mothra can spit fiery, red, slimy (but still sticky) silk. In Imago form, she can shoot fireballs from her abdomen, her wings can emit fiery scales that make an enemy's ray bounce back and hit them, and she can shoot a ray from her forehead that is made of lava, fire, and mystic energy. Whenever she touches someone or something, it will get slightly burnt. She can also breathe in air, water, and outer space.


Rage Mothra's larval form looks just like Mothra's larval form except black with red eyes. Her Imago form looks just like Mothra's Imago form except black with red eyes. When in this form, her wingspan is 120 meters and her length is 80 meters.