Long ago in the Triassic Period, a race of aliens shot a laser down on Earth. However, the effects of the beam changed once it entered Earth's atmosphere. The laser hit a Plateosaurus, and it permanently transformed into Platera. He grew larger and formed spikes on his head after being mutated. He also gained much more intellegence, but his teeth were gone. He dug a giant hole (which took a while) and buried himself to sleep in for a long time. Long after, when dinosaurs became extinct and humans walked the Earth, Platera was awaken by Atomic bomb tests. The giant dinosaur rampaged through cities, but then King Ghidorah arrived. Platera watched the three-headed monster destroy civilization from far away. He stared at the damage he caused, then at the damage King Ghidorah was causing. He frowned. Stomping forward, he blasted Ghidrah with his fire ice laser, then went into battle. The evil space kaiju retreated, then Platera went back to his hole, waiting to be awakened by another threat. He later allied up with Godzilla to save the Earth.


Can shoot a laser from his mouth made of fire, ice, and of course laser. It is called a fire ice laser. Platera can breathe in air, water, and outer space.


Platera is a mutated Plateosaurus that is 150 meters tall when standing strait up on only his back legs. He has seven spikes on his head: six are light blue and the one in the front is black. He has five fingers with light blue claws, three toes with light blue claws, and a long tail that is black on the tip. His body is a different shade of light blue than all of his spikes.

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