Overload Godzilla

Overload Godzilla.

A newly grown Godzilla (which was the son of Godzilla's son) was in a battle with King Ghidorah, but the three-headed kaiju was hit with a new kind of bomb. Neither of them noticed the bomb, but when King Ghidorah hit Godzilla, his DNA mixed with the radiation of the bomb and gathered on the mutated Godzillasaurus's body. His plates absorbed the DNA, overloading his power, and letting off an explosion. Ghidrah was almost killed from the explosion, and retreated. Godzilla grew 20 meters taller, his tail started glowing blue, the plates on his back disentigrated, and he began to get fatter. When the overcharged kaiju started walking, he noticed he was slower than ever. He went back to his trench, hoping he would turn back to normal. Long after that, danger threatened and Godzilla emerged from his trench. He noticed that he didn't change back to normal (and never (ever) would change back). He noticed the threat was Mothra being mind-controlled by aliens. When he battled her, he noticed that, in this form, he is much stronger. He almost killed Mothra, but that was enough to free her from being mind-controlled. After that, before this Godzilla could go back to his trench, his father (which was Godzilla's son) came and explained that he would never change back, but his son understood and said that he didn't mind. Both went back to their own underwater trenches.


Overload Godzilla can burst energy from every part of his body that ANY kaiju will be hurt by. This ability can reach far, which is good, since he is slow. He can't shoot an Atomic Ray, but that is okay because he can't open his mouth very well due to being way too packed with energy. He can also breathe in air, water, and outer space.


Overload Godzilla looks just like 1967 Godzilla except with no plates on his back, is 20 meters taller, and his tail glows blue.