Welcome to Mothra12 Wiki

Hello and welcome to Mothra12 wiki! This is a wiki for my made-up kaiju (kaiju fans can understand this wiki most). You can make your user profile page anytime, and

Welcome to my wiki!

edit your profile page anytime, because it's your page. You can make a comment any time, but don't make a bad/mean comment. You can make a page anytime, but not an inappropriate one. If you want to make a page about your creation, you must put your username before its name in the title. Instead of <your creation's name>, it will be <your username>:<your creation's name>. Remember not to make any inappropriate pages. from Mothra12, the giant moth. 23:59, May 13, 2011 (the birthday of this wiki)

Mothra12 Wiki

This wiki has all of my kaiju that I made. A kaiju is now another name for the giant monsters from movies, just saying so you would get the idea. The word "Kaiju" is not made up. This wiki also has some real Toho kaiju, and other people's kaiju! It also includes some non-kaiju things I made.

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