Mothra 88

Mothra's larval form.

Mothra is a giant moth made by the Toho company. In larval form, her length is 80-120 meters, and in her Imago form, her length is 80 meters, while her wingspan is 120 meters. In larval form, she can shoot sticky silk from her mouth to wrap up her enemies.

Imago form (adult form) powers

  • She can create large, powerful gales by flapping her wings rapidly
  • She has incredible strength, and can lift kaiju much larger than herself
  • Her wings can emit a yellow toxic powder called scales that can usually asphyxiate her target and can be used as a 3-D mirror to trap rays/beams/blasts and then make them rebound over whatever was inside the powder cloud over and over and over again, but if she uses this power too much, she won't be able to fly due to not having any more scales left
  • Her wings can shoot large arcs of lightning, but she can keep it in her wings and release it to another through the touch of the wings
  • Her forehead can shoot triple prismatic beams
  • She can use a very potent attack that comes from the sky as if it were a sacred lightning bolt, and this attack is called a sun strike buster
  • She is capable of shooting toxic darts from her abdomen