The mighty Megavainger!

There once was a forest where many birds-of-prey were secretly kept. However, Godzilla and Anguirus were having a rematch there. Godzilla fired an atomic ray, but Anguirus dodged. The ray killed every bird-of-prey, but parts of their bodies stayed. After every kaiju was gone, something strange happened. The DNA of Anguirus was left there, and the radiation from the atomic ray mixed with it, making all the remainings of the birds merge together, making the horrible Megavainger! She spread her wings and flew high into the sky, looking around for civilization. She almost reached the sea when her four eyes spotted Godzilla, her obstacle. He fired an Atomic Ray at her, starting the battle. Megavainger had almost killed Godzilla when Anguirus came and made her retreat.


Can fly at mach 3.6, can absorb atomic energy to heal (which is why Godzilla almost lost to her), can release atomic energy around her from her pores, coating her in atomic waste, then smash into a foe to deal more damage. Megavainger can breathe in air, water, and outer space.


Megavainger is a giant, 110-meter tall bird-of-prey kaiju with black feathers on top of her heads, right under her eyes with a strip of black coming out under, on her neck, on her tail, on her wings, and on her ears. She is mainly brown everywhere else, her tail is made of long, wiry feathers, and her eyes have large pupils, green irises (the color in one's eyes), and white (but barely visible) sclera (the white in one's eyes). She also has some light blue feathers and white feathers spread out across her body, and has 2 heads.