The great Koji.


Atomic Ray, super regenerative power, able to unleash a Spiral Fire ray from his mouth, Nuclear Pulse, can absorb radiation, can conduct energy through its touch, Able to conduct electricity, burrowing ability, extraordinary jumper, super regenerative power, able to instill energy into others, can incase his body in a shield of energy to absorb attacks, can create an aura that causes electricty to flow threw the attackers body when they try to hit it, Can mix attacks to form one big attack, Can breathe in water, air, and outer space, Is as strong as Godzilla, Fangs, Claws, and Horn on top of his head, He can shoot a red atomic heat ray from horn on top of head, Can shoot gravity beams from both its crystals on its shoulders and tail


100 meters




Koji has long fangs on his bottom jaw, has eyes like Godzilla 74-75, has shoulder crystals on tail and shoulders, has dorsal fins on his back that resemble Zilla's and the rest are just tiny spikes. 

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