Barora and Pelonra, the two sea gods, have always lived on opposite sides of the ocean. They have never looked at each other in the face until one day, Serpentra came to P. S made P notice him, and since P will kill anyone who enters his domain, he began chasing the giant lizard. S lead him to B's side of the ocean. P almost caught S, but then B and P saw each other. S swam away, suspiciously smiling. The two daikaiju stared at each other, then P roared and jumped onto B. B pushed him off, then scraped at his fins. P kept punching at B. The punches never hit B, but the electric pulses did. B tried hard to dodge every pulse by diving back into the water, but her face was scraped and bleeding from them. B went under water and bit P's tail, scraping it. The water was being dyed red from blood, but the kaiju didn't stop. Eventually, B and P both had their heads sticking out of the water, face-to-face. They were both still, until P slowly raised his hand and punched in the direction of B. The cut on B's face released more waterfalls of blood, and B screeched. She dove under water and chased after P. P tried to swim away, but B caught up way too quickly and caused more blood to rush out of P's tail by scraping it with her long claws. P thrust back and began beating on B. Soon, B was about to get killed. The to kaiju were still underwater, and P put his arm back. He gave one last punch, thinking that he killed B. However, B wasn't dead, and her tail gave off an electric pulse much like the one she got hit with. She got up and began tearing her teeth and claws into P's skin. She looked at P then growled, then gave one last rip. She picked up P's body, then threw it down further into the water. B swam away in victory.