Mothra12, in her Imago form, was flying across the sky of the kaiju island. She then noticed something in the water. It was MusukoGoji! M flew down closer to MG, then he shot her with an Atomic Ray. M got angry, then dove into the water with MG. MG shot another Atomic Ray at M, but M shot an energy beam at MG. The two beams collided, then exploded, knocking the two Daikaiju away from each other. MG shot an Atomic Ray at M, but M used her reflective wing powder to bounce the ray back to MG, inflicting damage. MG got close to M, then slapped her with his thick tail. M grabbed his tail, then flew out of the water into the sky. M threw MG, and used her Sun Strike Buster on him as he fell into the ocean. M speared back into the water, then got hit with another of MG's Atomic Rays. She got angry, then scraped the spikes on her wings against MG. MG started bleeding, and the water turned red. M got out, and MG followed. M's back was turned to MG, so she shot a poison dart at his eye. MG covered his eye with his hand, then shot M with an Atomicv Ray. M dodged it, then shot MG with an energy beam. MG was stumbling towards the water, so M used one last Sun Strike Buster on him, then his dead body crashed into the ocean. M flew away in victory.