GodzillaX was laying at the bottom of the ocean, but everyone at the island thought he was dead. He opened his eyes, then swam to the surface after he awoke. GX rampaged through the island, and all the other kaiju backed away, because they knew they couldn't stop this evil being. However, in the distance, a new kaiju arose. It was the great Goji64, who came to stop GX! G approached GX, and GX scowled at the great kaiju. All other kaiju quickly dove into the water, afraid of the battle between these two. G roared, and started the battle. GX caught G's swinging tail, and threw him. G got up and angrily shot GX with an Atomic Ray. GX glared with anger, then shot his Atomic Ray at G. G's chest turned blue, and absorbed the attack, sending it back to GX. GX dodged it, then ran closer to G for hand-to-hand combat. The two Daikaiju scratched and bit each other, then G got thrown down. GX stared down at G with anger and power, then charged up his Atomic Ray, and shot it at G. G pulled his head up, but then it fell. GX charged up his biggest attack and the red parts on his body began glowing, but when he shot it, G used his little bit of energy to repel the attack, knocking GX back. G got up then proudly and angrily roared. He shot Atomic Rays at GX, and then scraped his neck. All of a sudden, Mothra12 emerged from the water. Even though G was doing a good job at attacking GX, M thought she should still help. G and M charged up their rays and shot GX, who was then killed. M picked up the body of GX, then threw it into the ocean. M and G walked back to their underwater homes in victory.

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