Ice Rodan rose and flew high into the sky. Platera traveled all the way to IR's land. IR looked down and noticed P was on his domain, which he was in charge of guarding. He speared down through the clouds and stood before P. P looked at him, ready for the challenge of battle. IR folded his wings up and spun in the air, spearing into P, who shot his laser at IR. IR slowed down because of this, unfolded his wings, then started flying and picked up P, then throws him and shoots his beam at P, who harshly hits the ground. P gets up, and angrily looks at IR. P shoots his beam, and IR dodges it. IR picks up P again, but P blasts him, and he lets go then falls down onto the ground. An icy blue mist emits from IR's pores as he lays in pain. P approaches him on all fours, then stands up on his hind legs and charges his ray. Before he could shoot it, IR immediately opens his eyes and shoots his ray at P, who is pushed into the water. P's dead body sits in the shallow waters, with the waves pushing and pulling on it. IR roars, then shoots up into the air out of sight.