Firis was rampaging through the mountains of the island of kaiju, spitting electric fire all around him that burnt all the plants around him. Female Godzilla rose from the trench of the island's ocean and looked out for F. F saw her and came closer. He changed to battle form, since he knew FG wanted to fight. FG charged her beam and blasted it at F, who used his electric fire to counter-attack it. F jumped forward and bit the tail of FG, injecting plasma poison into her body. F screamed and swished her tail around, throwing F off. She was shivering because of the plasma poison, and F spit eletric fire at her, making her hurt more. FG roared then thrust forward, quickly grabbed F by the tail, threw him over her back, then shot him with her ray while he was in the air. FG ran toward F then bit him on the neck then ripped his throat out. F used the last, tiny bit of his energy to transform into his final form, which fully healed him. He roared in pride, fury, and power, then spewed crystal fire from his forehead. FG was stumbling over her own feet as she walked toward F. When she got close enough, F flew high up where she couldn't reach him. FG charged up her ray, pointed her head down, then blasted herself off like a rocket. F and FG were now in air combat. FG thrust forward and smacked F with her tail. F grabbed her, and she stopped firing her ray. F spewed electric fire one more time at her, then threw her dead body far down into the ocean, then flew away.