Korean Godzilla was walking around on the island of kaiju, searching for something to do. Monsterzilla was flying right above the water of the island's ocean. KG shot a nuclear pulse at M, who dodged the pulse but joined the fight. M flew away with his tail pointed at KG, then shot KG with a poison dart from the stinger. KG got a toxic scratch, but it quickly dissapeared. KG's mouth glowed bright red then shot M, who fell into the water. KG dove into the ocean to continue his battle with M. KG looked for M, but couldn't find him. All of a sudden, an Atomic Ray was shot at KG. The top of KG's horn broke off, but quickly grew back. M screamed in anger. He shot a heat ray at KG, but KG shot a nuclear pulse that disentigrated the heat ray before it could reach him. KG whipped his tail quickly and rushed through the water, stabbing M with his horn. While KG was doing this, M used a gravity beam on him, pushing him away. KG shook his head and shot M with an Atomic Ray. M was flailing his wings in the water and shooting random rays at KG. KG kept blocking with nuclear pulses, then charged up an Atomic Ray with all his power, then blasted M. KG shot out of the water and roared in victory, and the dead body of M sank to the bottom of the ocean.

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