Ice Leopard.

Ice Leopard is a giant snow leopard god that created ice and the cold. He was awaken by atomic bomb tests on an icy landscape that was his home. Angered, he tracked down who did this and found out it was someone from Tokyo. He destroyed half the city when Mothra came, in her Imago form, and calmed the furious, icy terror. He ganged up with Mothra and all other Earth-defending Mystical kaiju.


Since his claws are made of unmeltable ice, he can freeze anything he touches, but when the thing he touches is warm, he just cools it off. The tip of his tail is also made of unmeltable ice, but can't freeze things. He can also shoot a blizzard in the form of a beam from his mouth, somehow glide 10 meters from the ground at mach 2, stand on his back legs, and breathe in air, water, and outer space.


Ice Leopard is a 50-meter tall (when on all fours) giant snow leopard that is mostly white with purple rosettes, light blue claws made of unmeltable ice, light blue, unmeltable ice on the tip of his tail, a light blue nose, white eyes, and three toes on each foot.