Gigan rose from the island. He flew far out to civilization, then headed for a nuclear waste site. He stood in front
200px-Gigan 3

Gigan's look in this story, not with the chainsaws and doesn't have the top right head, only the head that's connected to the body in this picture.

of it, then banged his scythe claws together as if he were clapping, then spread them out, put them up, and roared in a laugh-like way. Before he could slice the metal, he was blasted by an Atomic Ray. He slung his head in the direction that the ray came from, and saw 2004 Godzilla proudly standing there. Gigan scowled, then began to walk towards 2004 Godzilla, slowly banging his claws together. 2004 Godzilla put his head down and frowned, then put his left foot forward, while swaying his tail. Gigan jumped up then slashed 2004 Godzilla as he came down. 2004 Godzilla's chest was red with blood, and he slapped Gigan with his tail. Gigan was pushed away, but 2004 Godzilla kneeled down, closed his eyes, and put his hand on his bloody chest in pain. Gigan banged one of his claws on the other two times then flew up, flew toward the king of monsters, then slashed him with his tail. 2004 Godzilla's plates glowed an eerie blue, then he unleashed an Atomic Ray at Gigan. Gigan was pushed back and

2004 Godzilla!

screamed furiously. 2004 Godzilla weakly ran towards Gigan, picked him up by the tail, and threw him over his back. Gigan got up, then scratched Godzilla's bloody chest. 2004 Godzilla roared in pain, then scraped Gigan's neck. Both kaiju were getting very worn out, then Gigan lifted his head and roared. In the distnce, the first Godzilla and 2001 Godzilla headed to the battle. Gigan almost seemed to be grinning... and 2004 Godzilla angrily stared at his two evil counterparts approach. Gigan, 1954 Godzilla, and 2001 Godzilla were using their beams on 2004 Godzilla. 2004 Godzilla layed down, dying, then his opponents stopped using their beams. In the distance, Fire Rodan noticed that his friend, 2004 Godzilla, was getting killed. He rushed to the battle, then sacrificed himself and healed 2004 Godzilla. 2004 Godzilla then battled Gigan and his two evil counterparts, sending them retreating. He roared in victory, then swam back to the island.