The mystical island of kaiju wasn't known by people at first, but when the military found out about it, they didn't notice kaiju live there. They settled and made a base, but one day, the kaju awoke, not wanting the military on their island. 2004 Godzilla was the first one to wake. He walked around the island, not knowing what to expect. He looked up, and noticed a helicopter. He squinted his eyes and growled, then roared at the flying object. The helicopter flew down and headed to the military base. 2004 Godzilla stood there and stared. Tanks, fighter jets, helicopters, and other military vehicles began approaching and shooting the Earth-defending King of Monsters. He roared and woke up every other kaiju on the island. 1954 Godzilla and 2001 Godzilla are evil and against humans, while 2004 Godzilla and Fire Rodan were angry at the military for settling there. Rainbow Mothra Leo and Mothra weren't mad, but worried because of the actions that the other Earth-defenders were taking along with the evil kaiju. They crunched up every military vehicle they saw with their mouths and rushing around in anger. The two giant moths had to do something to stop them. They lured the military army towards a mountain of boulders, and the other kaiju followed, seeking more revenge on that army. When they were there, Mothra and her son shot their beams at the boulders, making them fall on 1954 Godzilla, 2001 Godzilla, 2004 Godzilla, and Fire Rodan. The four kaiju weren't hurt, but just shook their heads and went back to attacking. Rainbow Mothra Leo and his mother shot the other kaiju with their main beams. After that, Mothra flew up to 2004 Godzilla and Fire Rodan, then explained why they shouldn't be doing this, and said to help her defeat the enemies and harmlessly run the military off. 2004 Godzilla and Fire Rodan shot their beams at 1954 Godzilla and 2001 Godzilla, then battled them while Mothra and her son ran the military off the island without hurting them. 1954 Godzilla and 2001 Godzilla retreated, while the other kaiju went to sleep at their home areas on the island, and the military was run off without being hurt.