One morning at the island of kaiju, 1954 Godzilla emerges to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! He stomps toward the ocean, but hears a screaming screech telling him to stop. He turns and growls, looking for whoever said that. In the misty distance, the mighty Anguirus sternly approaches. 1954 Godzilla frowns more, angles his head down, and fiercely growls and roars. Anguirus comes closer, stands on his back legs, and screams. The battle begins. The two kaiju clash and tumble away from the sea. Anguirus curls up into a ball and rolls into 1954 Godzilla, knocking him into the water. When he looks out, he can't see Anguirus, who is hiding in the mist. Anguirus sneaks up behind the King of the Monsters, bites down on to his tail, and slings him around, then letting go. 1954 Godzilla gets angry, and picks Anguirus up with only his right hand! He then throws the giant ankylosaur as hard and far as he can. He roars in anger as Anguirus gets up in the distance. 1954 Godzilla waits to see Anguirus approach him again. Once Anguirus is close to him, 1954 Godzilla shoots an Atomic Ray, knocking both back from the force. Anguirus tries to get up, but can't very easily. The King of Monsters heads away as the giant ankylosaur, Anguirus, is getting up. Anguirus tries to find him through the fog and eventually sees 1954 Godzilla on top of a mountain. He looks at Anguirus and lowly growls. The giant ankylosaur gets on top of the mountain with 1954 Godzilla, who shoots him with an Atomic Ray, knocking him off. He jumps of the mountain and bites Anguirus's tail. Anguirus screams in agony, and, in the distance, Fire Rodan tears out of a volcano. The overgrown pterosaur enters the area where the two daikaiju battle. He shoots 1954 Godzilla with an Atomic Heat Ray. The King of Monsters bites down on Anguirus's neck then fires an Atomic Ray at Fire Rodan. However, he was already weakened so retreated and was stopped by Fire Rodan. After 1954 Godzilla retreated, the overgrown pterosaur looked down at Anguirus and noticed he was killed. He picked up the carcass, flew high, then dropped it deep in to the ocean.