Anguirus was roaming on his home island when a race of aliens sent King Ghidorah to Earth for destruction! He flew to New York and began destroying the city, and Anguirus swam all the way there. King Ghidorah noticed him and shot a gravity beam at the giant Ankylosaur. The military sent out as many tanks, jets, planes, and helicopters as they could to destroy the monsters, but all of that was destroyed because of the two giant kaiju. There were explosions, gravity beams, wings flapping, tails swishing, and it would make one dizzy, for it started in the dark, late evening. Half the city was destroyed, and Anguirus was losing against the three-headed kaiju. Their battle was moving... towards the sea! They battled for miles until they reached a sandy beach and clashed together in the sand. It was night time now, and the two were still raging on.

They tumbled in the ocean, raging on the waves, when a volcano in the distance began glowing. Anguirus was losing energy and almost collapsed a few times, but, of course, didn't give up. King Ghidorah got angry, then flew up, preparing an attack, then dived down on Anguirus. The volcano was glowing brighter, but the kaiju didn't notice because they were so involved in their long-lasting battle. The waves were tossing the kaiju around, but that didn't interrupt them. King Ghidorah grabbed on to Anguirus and flew up, then dropped the giant ankylosaur and blasted him with his gravity beam. King Ghidorah had almost killed Anguirus, but then the volcano glowed even brighter. Some lava came out, but what mostly came out was Fire Rodan!

The giant pterosaur flew towards Anguirus and King Ghidorah then, since he knew he would get killed anyway, sacrificed himself, which restored only Anguirus's health, which was good, anyway. The newly healed ankylosaur gave one last, lucky hit to King Ghidorah, killing him (but not for long).