Godzilla 2000 001

The concept of the Godzilla at that time Godzilla 2000

Height: 77 meters; Mass: 30,000 tons

After Titanosaurus was killed by Godzilla, they used what was left of Mecha-Godzilla II and created Mecha-Titanosaurus.

After they where finished with Mecha-Titanosaurus they sent him to destroy Tokyo but a new godzilla (Godzilla 91) approached attacking Mecha-Titanosaurus.

Evenually Godzilla jabs his hand into Mecha-Titanosaurus's chest killing him causing Mecha-Titanosaurus to explode. The tired Godzilla went back to his Ocean home.


Attacks: Lazer eyes; Plasma beam from stomach; green atomic heat ray; Cyclone tail; extraordinary jumper; flight; able to shoot rockets from fingers and feet


Godzilla (91')

Godzilla (1974-1975)

Appearance Edit

Looks like 2000 Godzilla with Spacegodzilla's shoulder crystals and tail with robotic skin.

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