One of Godzilla's greatest enemies: Demon Godzilla had

Devil Goji64 in its 1st form

pereshed but at a price. All the evil energy flew out of Demon Godzilla's body after his death, headed to Kaiju Island, and went inside Goji64. He glew red as all monsters from the Island surrounded him wondering what was wrong.

Goji64 gave a roar of pain as his eyes turned red and fire flew out of them and his dorsal plates turned red. The new Devil Goji64 stood and stared evily at the rest of the monsters of the island. Titanosaurus grabbed Goji64's shoulder to be bit in the neck then thrown.

Devil Goji64 stomped and roared at the other monsters, they all ran at the new Devil Goji64 to be brutaly beaten, he took down every monster on the island. He jumped so high it looked as if he was flying and slammed intot the water then head for tokyo, Godzilla, Godzilla3000, Anguirus, Mothra12, Mothra, and Rodan where the only Kaiju still able to fight. They all headed for Tokyo after Devil Goji64, they arrived in Tokyo only to be met by a sea of fire.

The 2nd form of Devil Goji64 stood in it, looking more horrific than ever.....

The nightmare of a monster: Devil Goji64 form 2

The 6 kaiju attacked, the battle for earth began, the 6 eventually defetaed him and knocked him back into his normal form. The evil soul of Demon Godzilla ....died....


Just look at the pics....


1st formEdit

  • All the powers of Goji64 and Demon G
  • Is 100 meters tall
  • Sharp spikes on legs, arms, and shoulders
  • Can breathe in air, water, and outerspace

2nd formEdit

  • All the powers of his 1st form
  • Is 150 meters tall
  • Can shoot red gravity beams from both of his eyes