New Suit

If you imagine this being shorter, thinner, less muscular, having larger plates, and having a shorter, thinner tail, then that's Female Godzilla.

Female Godzilla is an irradiated female godzillasaurus that looks just like Godzilla (2000 version). However, her relationship with the King of Monsters is unknown. She may not be related to him, but even if she isn't, they defend the Earth together with their lives.


Can run very fast despite her huge size, can fire a white atomic ray that shoots faster than Godzilla's, and breathe in air, water, and outer space.


Though she looks like 2000 Godzilla, she is 10 meters shorter, has larger plates, is thinner/less muscular, and has a shorter, yet thinner tail.


Any of Godzilla's allies are her allies.


Any of Godzilla's enemies are her ememies.

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