Destoroyah is a kaiju made by the Toho company, and is one of (or even the) most evil kaiju from the Godzilla

Destoroyah's final form.

series. His final form is 120 meters tall.

Final form powers

  • Can shoot an Oxygen Destroyer ray from his mouth
  • Can create a blade of energy coming out of the horn on his forehead


  • Microscopic crustacean form
  • Three-milimeter tall form
  • Form as large as an insect
  • A two-meter tall form
  • Eighteen-meter tall, crab-like crustacean forms
  • Crab-like Aggregate form that looks much like the previous form, but bigger
  • Flying form that resembles a bat
  • Final form, which is 120 meters tall and is the first Destoroyah form that stand on two legs only.
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