180px-Anguirus Godzilla unleashed
Anguirus is a giant mutated Ankylosaur that is 60-90 meters tall. He was made by the Toho company and is one of Godzilla's greatest allies. His only power is the sonic screech, which can go through buildings to hit his target. Other than that, he uses brute force to defeat enemies. Even though he can take a lot of attacks before he gives up, he is still easily pushed out of the way. Godzilla's first enemy kaiju that he's met and battled was Anguirus, and then a new Anguirus came and joined Godzilla's team of allies.


  • Angilas
  • Angorous
  • Anguirus
  • Angweerus (in the movie "Godzilla: Final Wars")
  • Anguirusaurus
  • Angilasaur
  • Killer of the Living
  • Anzilla
  • Angzilla
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